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  • Why should someone choose an esthetician to treat their acne?
    The client won't have to resort to dangerous prescription drugs of any type. We have more time to spend with a client. We listen carefully to their concerns. We touch and feel the skin each time they come in. We keep updated with the lates information in the word of acne. We have the best and more effective acne products with no need prescription drugs. We couch the client though every step of getting their skin clear.
  • What is going to happen in the first appointment?
    On the first appointment,I will ask about your prior experience of acne treatments, your medical history. Then I will analyze your skin to determine your skin, acne type,take some preliminary pictures before treatment.I will test your skin for sensitivities and recommend the products and treatments for your skin to get rid of acne.I will provide you with instruction on how to use your products for first two weeks of your program. Products are not included in the cost of treatment. Expect to pay about $170 for your first set of acne products at your first appointment. We do not offer treatments or extractions to client that don't use our home care products. And if you are getting the first treatment,I will exfoliate your skin with enzyme and do extractions and LED blue light therapy witch help to kill the bacteria and reduce inflammation.
  • What the acne treatments like?
    I do a very mild chemical peel on your skin or gentle enzyme with steam. Then I do extractions of your acne. After extractions, I will do a calming and hydrating mask and LED blue light therapy to kill the bacteria and reduce inflammation, depends on your skin and acne type.
  • Why do the extractions and does it hurt?
    The extractions are a slight discomfort but it's very tolerable.It's the fastest way to get clear. I extract the current lessions out, and the home care prevents the new ones from forming.
  • Do I have to use your products?
    Yes. So many brands in the marketplace that have pore -cloging ingredients in them. Acne is tricky enough to treat. I don't want take any chances with comedogenic products.
  • Do I have to get treatments?
    It is in your interest to get acne treatment. That is the fastest ways to get clear, and also helps to monitor your home care regime to get your skin clear in the fastest possible way.
  • What do the peels do?
    Our high quality blended corrective peels exfoliate your skin, softening of your comedones and also lighten dark spots. They also prepare your skin for maximum absorption of our home care products. And they can help with signs of aging,as well.
  • What if I'm on prescription produts?
    We highly recommend you to stop your prescription products.They make the skin much too sensitive.
  • What is the youngest age that you take clients?
    We will take clients at whatever age they are breaking out.
  • Do extractions make my face red?
    Most people are quite red from getting extractions. So you need to plan and make sure you don't have a particular event with 24 hours of getting treatment.
  • How long does a new client need to be off topical prescription products and Accutane before they can be treated?
    We ask clients to be off topical prescription products for a minimum of two weeks before beginning treatment and off Accutane for at least one month before beginning treatment.
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