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Can You Clear Your Skin Overnight?

I see so many advertisements like ''Acne Free in 3 days.'' or ''Secret Acne Cure.''

It is an Acne Myth! It not possible to clear skin just for three days or overnight.

Acne can take up to 90 days to form and come to the surface.

To clear your skin will take about three-four months, depending on your type of Acne.

Can Acne be cured? Unfortunately, if this genetic no cure for Acne but Acne can be under control. Let's face it, that Acne is not just a teenage problem, and Acne is not because of poor hygiene and is not because of eating chocolate. It can lead by certain drugs, medications, or exposure to some chemicals, but most Acne is an inherited tendency.

Only skin care products alone will not solve your acne problem. It would help if you had an Acne Specialist to guide you to get your skin clear as quickly as possible. Acne Expert will perform acne treatment with extractions and LED light therapy, peels, and go over, making problem factors that make you break out – foods, cosmetics, medications, stress.

Each treatment customizes for a condition of your skin at the time treatment. Sometimes the skin needs hydration, and other times you need corrective peels to get clear Acne and dark spots. Start slowly with the active ingredients of skin care products. Acne Specialists will work with protocols, specially for your skin type and your type of Acne. That why you need an Acne Expert to guide you in the prosses of getting your skin clear.

On the first appointment - Acne Consultation, Acne Specialist asks about your prior experience of acne treatments, your medical history. Also, analyze your skin to determine your skin, acne type. Test your skin for sensitivities and recommend the products and procedures for your skin to get rid of Acne and provide you with instructions on how to use your skincare products. So let's get clear skin without antibiotics! I will be happy to help you to clear your skin.

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