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The Lunchtime Chemical Peel

I think some people worry about doing chemical peels because of scared to burn the skin. Please, don't be afraid! I want to introduce you to the lunchtime peel, which treats the skin very gently. It requires no downtime, made from fruit-based acids to remove the superficial layers of your skin.

The procedure would start with a gentle cleansing of the skin than degrease to remove the surface oils to penetrate AHA acids better. The second step of the lunchtime peel would be the application of 20% Lactic acids to the face and neck area. You will feel tingling with the lactic acid. The fruit-based acid remains on the skin for two to three minutes before being neutralized, followed by a moisturizer for rehydration.

How To Care For Your Skin After The Lunchtime Peel:

  • Moisturize and hydrate your skin.

  • Wash your skin with a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser.

  • Apply an alcohol-free toner

  • Apply an antioxidant serum

  • Apply sunscreen with SPF30 to protect your skin from the sun straight after the treatment.

  • Minimize sweating- avoid workouts, dry saunas, and steam rooms.

  • Don't over-exfoliate.

If you want the radiant and luminous skin that comes from a peel and no downtime...The Lunchtime Chemical Peel is ideal.

Straight after the session, you will already see an improvement in the glow and radiance of your skin. The gentle peel is helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and visible pores. For better results, you may need four-five sessions of peels.

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